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 Formulary Chapter 4: Central nervous system - Full Chapter
04.09.03  Expand sub section  Drugs used in essential tremor, chorea, tics, and related disorders
04.09.03  Expand sub section  Torsion dystonias and other involuntary movements
Botulinum Toxin Type A
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High Cost Medicine

Specify brand and indication

Restricted Item Restricted use - discuss with directorate pharmacist

Link  DPC Agreed Indications Botulinum Toxin (September 2013)
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First Choice Item First Choice item
Non Formulary Item Non Formulary section
Restricted Drug
Restricted Drug
Unlicensed Drug
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Cytotoxic Drug
Cytotoxic Drug
Controlled Drug
High Cost Medicine
High Cost Medicine

Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description


Suitable for prescribing by all in both primary and secondary care.  

Amber Recommended

Specialist recommended but suitable for continuation in primary care.  

Amber Initiation

Specialist initiated but suitable for continuation in primary care.  

Amber SCG

Specialist initiated and for continuation in primary care under a locally approved shared care guideline.  


Suitable for prescribing in specialist settings (secondary care) only.   

Red Specialist Centre

Secondary care medicines to be used under specialised commissioning arrangements only.  


For primary care, either via FP10 or supplied through specialist services. These products may be stocked by hospital pharmacies only for supply to primary care units/wards or for continuing supplies for patients admitted on therapy.  


Not recommended for use.